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About Casa Venezuela Dallas

Casa Venezuela Dallas is a non-profit organization that helps Venezuelans arriving in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area with guidance on where and how to carry out procedures, how the educational and health system works, and other important information for immigrants.

Our Mission and History

Casa Venezuela Dallas was founded to assist Venezuelan immigrants arriving in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. Our goal is to provide guidance and support to help our community integrate into their new home. We provide information on how to navigate the complex processes of immigration, education, and healthcare in the US. Our organization is run by volunteers who are dedicated to helping others.

Our Services

Our Partners

Casa Venezuela Dallas is proud to partner with other organizations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to better serve our community. We work with local businesses, schools, and non-profits to provide resources and support to Venezuelan immigrants. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those who are seeking a new home in the US.

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